If you’ve never heard of SORAA before, I am sure, their products should inspire the next layout of you museum, your favorite store and hotel. Professionals choose Soraa for an incomparable quality of light and for its contribution to the creation of an atmosphere as well as an emotion in the spaces they arrange.

See website: soora.com


The technology provided by ACL is the result of teamwork bringing together valuable know-how in different fields.

  • The high liever of expertiste in light engineering from OSRAM, a long time manufacturer of light bulbs for all types os use and a world leader in LED technology.
  • The professional skills of ADB Stage Light (an OSRAM company). A century old supplier of lighting systems for theaters and major television studios around the world. Their approach to lighting design is a mix of art and technique.
  • The expertise of a group of experts in the specific field of museum lighting. He can boast of lighting permanent and temporary exhibitions of precious works of art, both ancient and modern.
  • The innovation capacity of ClayPaky (OSRAM company) world leader in digital lighting, automated lighting fixtures and electronic control systems.

This team of experts are themselves on hand to offer museum curators and private collectors of works of art. From the choice of lighting best suited to each situation to the design of the layouts and control systems. The team also provides design and consultancy services to integrate the lighting of museum exhibits into an efficient interconnected system. This one meets the most modern requirements in terms of systems integration.

See website: osram.fr


Loupi Lighting Systems, specializing in LED lighting, design and manufactures solutions for all types of architectures: residential constructions, commercial surfaces or museums. Loupi is the leader in LED partner of architects, light designers and design offices.

See website : loupi-lighting.fr


Thanks to the strong expertise in designing and manufacturing innovative tracks, adapters and accessories, Nordic Aluminum today has a position as a globally leading manufacturer. We provide our customers with unique global track and tracks adaptor that together with Lival’s projectors, downlights and linear fixtures form a seamless ecosystem. Our highly automated, state of the art factories helps us match customer demand at all times and guarantee, that we can manufacture and deliver a comprehensive portfolio of electro technical solutions quickly and cost-effectively.

See website : nordicaluminium.fi

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